Web designer, online marketer, blogger, SEO expert, entrepreneur, and small business owner in Hawaii.

Web Designer & Website Coach

In a nutshell: I’m a web designer for small business owners who want a website that converts.

Aloha! I’m Amy. I left my $15M-annual revenue corporate job and started Amy Is Online to help small businesses build professional websites.

My zone of genius is helping you double your website conversions by teaching you the secrets to attracting visitors to your website and convincing them to buy your products and book your services.

Amy Fujimoto

Why small businesses?

Before I started my freelancing journey, I noticed so many of my local shops and small businesses in Hawaii suffering from website designs that were mediocre at best. I realized this amazing community of creative and driven people would benefit enormously from my experience as a web designer in the corporate world.

Now, I love what I do and continue to serve small businesses because they are what bring so much joy and satisfaction to people worldwide.

Amy Fujimoto